Jerry Coleman gives Scott and Jeremy a call before going into the locker room at Camden Yards today on 105.7 The Fan.

The Orioles are, or have been, in first place for a while and last night the stadium did not fill up the Orioles homerun derby last night. The Orioles have not had a season like this for a while, since 1997.

Usually the Orioles struggle pretty bad with pitchers. This year the struggle with the Orioles pitching is, who do we play? Tillman has been nothing less than great, definitely “ace” worthy. Chen and Norris have also been doing incredibly well. Ever since Hardy’s injury he has been playing extremely well, too. With the rest of the Orioles defense, this is something that Buck is very high on and we need Chris Davis to do well at third with the loss of Machado.

Some of the players that will most likely come up are: Ryan Webb, Steve Clevenger, and perhaps Steve Lombardozzi.


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