Glenn Younes: Orioles Like The Grind

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(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

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Was that Rays game Tuesday a joke or what? Over 3 & a half hours? In a 4-2 Baltimore win?

Geez. What a grind!

Can someone tell Joe Madden they can roll over now?

Don’t tell that to the Orioles though. They like the grind. They embrace the grind. They thrive in the grind and in the back of their mind I think they appreciate the grind!

That’s what makes this team. The love of the grind. This team is strong in mind and it pours out of every swing, step, strike, throw and play at the plate.

Are you kidding me with robbing home runs, barehanded fielding & throws home. This team goes 100% in a 9-1 blow-out or in a frustrating 2-1 snoozer after 4.

The grind is real and instead of letting it own them, the Orioles own the grind!


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