Jim Colony of Pittsburgh’s 93.7 The Fan joins Scott and Jeremy to summarize the Pittsburgh Steelers’ preseason thus far, as well as their outlook for the regular season.

Though the Steelers have a solid reputation as a “no-tolerance” organization when it comes to off-the-field issues with players, they drew a fair amount of controversy of late with their decision regarding arrested running backs LeGarrett Blount and Le’Veon Bell.
“This thing about the Steelers way, let’s not kid ourselves about this…Every team has these issues,” said Colony.

“If you quote our old buddy Ryan Clark, say what you want, he came out and said ‘Yeah, teammates of mine smoke pot,’ and he’s right,” Colony added.
Morally, it may not be such a terrible offense to most, but from an organizational standpoint, the running backs’ judgement is collectively questioned.
“As far as the knuckle-head aspect of it all, It’s just unbelievable,” said Colony. “The way they were going, it was like they were going back home to pick up their stuff before the team’s charter.”
The situation seemed to have even more questionable dialogue as the police got involved.

“If you look at the transcript, Bell’s explanation was ‘I’m not high, I was high two hours ago.’” Which is ridiculous,” said Colony.
“People are disappointed the Steelers didn’t step up. It was a nationally televised game on NFL network. Most people were not really happy about the way Pittsburgh handled it,” Colony added.

As far as Pittsburgh’s on-the-field situation is concerned, Colony did not have any more positive an outlook.
“The defense sucks.”
“They’re going to have to win games on offense, we know that, but the defense is even more of a concern now that the season’s starting,” said Colony.
Their concern may very well stem from the defensive unit’s performance in the preseason thus far.
The first team defense not only couldn’t stop the first team offense of the Eagles, but even after McCoy went out and their second team offense came in, they still struggled,” said Colony.

Offensively, where the Steelers figure to lean this season, their performance has been a bit inconsistent.
“Wheaton, a guy they really need to come through and be a contributor, made a contribution on offense and special teams in the first game, but the team struggled in weeks following,” Colony said.


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