Nick Kostos joins Scott and Jeremy.

What a loss it will be for the Cleveland Browns this year. Josh Gordon is suspended for the 2014 season. He obviously made some mistakes and needs to stay in shape for next season. Josh Gordon- best wide receiver in the game huge loss. With the loss of Gordon, they still have tight end Jordan Cameron and running back Terrance West who will hopefully make up for those yards.

Kostos says he sees Pittsburgh winning the AFC North. Although, the Bengals seem to be the more popular option to win the division with the talented team.

Even though everyone likes the Eagles winning the division, they probably will not make it to the playoffs. They are just in a real bad division.
NFC South: Obviously, Carolina will probably not be seen in the playoffs. One team we will more than likely see is the New Orleans Saints. Kostos has this team winning the superbowl, as well. Tampa Bay will probably finish in second play in the division.

NFC West: With the Seattle Seahawks winning the superbowl this past year, there is no doubt they are ready for round two. They are the most complete team and with a lock in the post season.

AFC West: Kansas City will be better, but nothing to get hyped about. The Chargers are definitely another team to look out for. The Chargers with there fast break offense and a new coordinator the Chargers should make an appearance in the post season.


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