By Tracey Leong

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Shocking new information is released involving the Johns Hopkins doctor secretly filming his patients.

Tracey Leong has the details on the developing story.

We now know it was a coworker who alerted authorities to investigate Dr. Nikita Levy. There was also a delay in notifying police. Consequently, officers didn’t confront Dr. Levy until four days later.

A report reveals nearly 360 patients of Dr. Nikita Levy were filmed or photographed, including 60 prepubescent girls. But lead attorney for the plaintiffs Jonathan Schochor says it could have been thousands.

“Four days is an awfully long time for someone who knows he is about to be investigated for these kind of charges to destroy any evidence he wishes,” Schochor said.

Since it’s believed Dr. Levy may have compromised evidence, Schochor says the number of photos found was never relevant in moving forward with the settlement of the case.

Documents obtained by our media partner, The Baltimore Sun, show it was a technician who worked with Dr. Levy who grew suspicious of the pen lanyard hanging around the gynecologist’s neck. She took the device home, discovering disturbing images that launched the investigation in February of 2013.

Shortly after, Levy committed suicide on February 18, leaving a note for his wife:

“I am sorry but I could not bear to see you suffer with the truth,” the handwritten note reads. “Please, please forgive me for letting you down so horribly. Please continue to love me. I am proud to be your husband and am so sad to have it end this way.”

He signed his first name in all capital letters, then wrote another line: “I am sorry that I hurt almost every one around me.”

The handwritten note–never making it clear why Dr. Levy photographed his patients.

“I grabbed myself and felt really slimy and I felt dirty and it felt nasty just to even know that he would do something like that,” said Renee Plante, former patient.

The impact this has made on thousands of Dr. Levy’s patients is what Schochor believes is the most significant.

“Many of them are still in counseling–from professionals, religious leaders, friends,” Schochor said. “Many are still dysfunctional. Many are still not doing well in the work place. Many are afraid to go back to their doctors. They’ve quit the medical system.”

Dr. Levy is also suspected of recording female coworkers in the bathroom.

“I really don’t want to see another gynecologist. I honestly don’t,” Plante said.

Johns Hopkins Hospital agreed on a $190 million settlement for the plaintiffs. This is also one of the largest settlements in history by a single perpetrator for sexual abuse.

There are currently about 8,000 patients who have come forward.

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