ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)– Maryland lawmakers get a breakdown on how much the state will spend and where the money will be spent.

Governor Hogan’s plan closes a $750,000,000 deficit, Pat Warren reports.

On inauguration night, Governor Hogan’s plan strikes a chord.

“We’re going to get the government off our backs and out of our pockets,” Hogan said.

Lawmakers and stakeholders packed a hearing room today to find out how he plans to do that.

“We’re breaking new ground here in interesting way,” said Warren Deschenaux, State Policy Analyst.

A 2-percent cut to state agencies will save $180 million, state workers will lose the raise they got in January at a savings of $156 million. A cut to funding that compensates areas where schooling costs more saves a $143 million. Medicaid provider rates will back down to 2014 levels and save $210 million. And state aid to counties will be cut by $35 million.

Pat Moran represents state workers.

“I don’t think you grow the economy by cutting peoples pay, that’s less money in people’s pockets, that’s less money for them to spend and help Maryland and local businesses and I don’t think that’s a wise move,” said Moran.

Each of the governor’s proposals has its critics.

“You get to say yes or no on each of these items and the impact of those decisions will impact the bottom line,” said Deschenaux.

The general assembly cannot add to the budget but they can make changes and that appears to be the direction they’re headed.

More than $40.4 billion is budgeted for the fiscal year starting in July.


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