By Ava-joye Burnett

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Joseph Bauer, the 56-year-old was beaten and hospitalized at the Ravens game versus the Raiders Sunday, is showing encouraging signs, by giving a thumbs up Tuesday, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Bauer, a Jessup native, remains in critical condition after police say a verbal altercation turned physical with two men from New York, who were in town to see the Raiders.

Joseph Bauer

Joseph Bauer

“Two individuals had become involved in a verbal altercation with our victim. That verbal altercation became physical. And at some point, the victim was pushed on the ground where he struck his head,” said Lt. Jarron Jackson, with the Baltimore Police Department.

Police have identified those two men as 30-year-old Scott Smith, of Mount Vernon, New York, and 31-year-old Andrew Nappi, of Eastchester, New York, as suspects. They were arrested for aggravated assault.

Scott Smith (l) and Andrew Nappi (r). (Photo credits: Baltimore Police Department)

Scott Smith (l) and Andrew Nappi (r). (Photo credits: Baltimore Police Department)

Bauer’s sister tells WJZ that the men were upset over someone else cutting a line.

The family member believes the men followed Bauer out of the stadium, hit him in the back of the head and he fell down and hit his head on the concrete.

“Normally what we see is just a healthy rivalry,” said Jackon. “I don’t know what the cause of the argument was, whether it was the game or something else. But either way, totally unnecessary and uncalled for.”

The Ravens organization released this statement about the incident early Monday afternoon:

“Our sympathies and prayers go out to Mr. Joseph Bauer, his wife Sharon and the rest of his family. We have reached out to the family and have received a report on Mr. Bauer’s condition. We are deeply concerned about this assault and are learning as much as we can about it. Safety for our fans is a top priority. Confrontational and inflammatory behavior is never tolerated and is unacceptable at Ravens home games.”

Police have not said if alcohol played a factor in the argument.

Both suspects have posted bail and are due back in court on October 27, 2016 on first degree assault charges.

Bauer is a Ravens season ticket holder and former U.S. Marine.

His family says he was attending the game with his wife and two family friends.

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Comments (36)
  1. Leslie Pacen says:

    good throw them in jail and get these crazies off the street. I wish people could remember that these are games and it is not worth getting in to a fight about who wins and who losses.

  2. leaann says:

    So So sad! People just have no respect for life or each other it seems anymore. This type of behavior is happening way too often, wether it be at a game or just at the mall or anywhere these ruthless individuals will get theirs. Karma is a B****! I pray for victim and his family to have strength to get through this and hope that he recovers.

  3. Shaun says:

    None of the racist comments that usually show up on this feed. How odd.

    1. Rich Morris says:

      they are not white idiot! racist punk!

  4. Jeff says:

    I’m sure there’s much more to the story, there always is, but the three of them started yelling at each other, or something like that, the victim started the fight, at least from what the article said, and one of the guys pushed him away, he fell and hit his head. Self defense? The article didn’t say if the two men beat him senseless or stomped on him when he was down. People need to mind their own business! It’s way too easy to get into fights these days and there are plenty of videos on line showing these fights in stadiums where people are viciously attacked and beaten terribly. Now the “victim” is in the hospital in critical condition with head trauma! Were the three of them drinking too much beer?

    1. Leslie Pacen says:

      Jeff, dont always believe the media, take it from someone that was there. He fell and hit his head after being sucker punched from behind going down the ramp. BTW, he is not a drinker so NO he did not drink to much but I cant say that for the others. Another case of the media writing about something that they dont know all of the facts.

  5. GUIL says:

    not worth going to a game anymore if you can’t root for your team without fearing for your own safety,my my what is this world coming to.

  6. jjg614 says:

    i hope they get CORNHOLD IN PRISON.

  7. danfrommv says:

    I used to own Rams season tickets when they played in Anaheim. During a typical game, there would be about 10 fights that broke out in the stands. When the Raiders came to town, there would be hundreds.

  8. jjg614 says:


  9. Guessing the Raiders fans are known to the cops back home. If you’ll punch a stranger in MD you have probably done it where you spend most of your time…

  10. tjm says:

    disgusting raider fans…usual surprise

  11. Josh McCann says:

    The guys who assaulted that poor man were probably Trump supporters, translation…ANIMALS!!!

    1. Actually, them being from NY they were most likely Democrats & Clinton supporters

  12. bgp says:

    lets see how tough they will be in prison….

  13. Israel Keyes says:

    To bad. Hope someone takes a baseball bat to these two morons. They are lucky the guy wasn’t a family member of mine.

  14. Doug says:

    So, the official Police report states and is substantiated by several onlookers that Mr Baur engaged in a verbal disagreement over someone cutting line at a concession stand. After the argument Mr Baur was said to have thrown a bottle (unclear if plastic or aluminum but, still containing a fair amount of liquid) that clearly hit Mr Smith (one of the assailants) in the head/face area. This resulted in another confrontation where the two individuals were face to face and Mr Smith appeared to punch/or push Mr Baur in the face causing him to fall and hit his head. While I agree this is a tragedy, there is fault to be found in BOTH parties involved. Mr Baur may have started the events by throwing the beverage at Mr Smith. That is indeed assault and the response while ending in a horrendous result will likely be deemed “self-defense”. So, I hate to say it but, those who are bashing the two men and acting like Mr Baur was an outstanding innocent bystander are just avoiding the facts. His injuries are horrible but, he was just as big a part of the issue as the two guys that were arrested.

  15. rob says:

    Sorry to upset your little story Doug, but…

    “The two men were reportedly angered that Bauer, who was attending the game with his wife, let a woman cut ahead of them in a concession line, according to WBAL-TV. The men confronted Bauer toward the end of the game and punched him in the head from behind.”

    “Witnesses helped identify Smith and Nappi, who were seen walking away from Bauer, police said.”

  16. Ms2Classy4ya says:

    Just disgusting…. definitely not how things should be smh SAD! Praying for his speedy recovery.

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