ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Gov. Larry Hogan says Donald Trump’s comments about women in a 2005 recording were “disgraceful and outrageous.”

The Republican governor on Tuesday noted that he said months ago he wouldn’t support the Republican presidential nominee. Hogan says “a lot of other people are now joining that bandwagon.”

In the recording, Trump is heard saying he can grab, kiss and “do anything” with women because he is famous. On Sunday, he denied that he’s ever grabbed women without their consent and described thecomments as “locker room talk.”

Asked if Trump should step out of the race, Hogan says it’s “probably too late” to replace him.

Hogan says he hasn’t decided who he will vote for in November. He says he’ll “write in somebody” he thinks would be a good president.

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  1. Slik says:

    Discouraging words from a lame duck governor who should be behind our candidate, all he does is shoot himself. What has he done for anyone’s community or the state? What has he done except tell us he has cancer? Trump wants to rebuild the inner cities and get rid of crime. Hogan wants to play governor. Disgraceful to drag out a private conversation from a private citizen. It’s not like Trump enables a serial rapist or has a money-laundering operation or 114 body count of associates like Clinton. This simpleton needs to wake up or resign. Baltimore is a disaster.

    1. Kathryn says:

      Yeah, Trump wants to do a lot, the problem is he has NO IDEAS WHATSOEVER how to “bring back law & order”, wipe out ISIS, round up all the illegal aliens, turn around cities (he seems to think only African Americans live in inner cities) or anything else.

      It was NOT a private conversation, he had a mic on and he knew it. Any celebrity knows they can hear you when you are wearing one and you could be recorded- it was not “private” in a locker room, they were filming a TV show & he was well aware of that. What is disgusting is how he bragged about adultery and sexual assault. Most people cannot “get behind” anyone who said what he said…or would you be glad to let him gab your crotch and kiss you just because he is a celebrity? How about your mom or grandma???

      1. Karen Silkworth says:


  2. Marcus says:

    Has Hogan said a word about the actual hands on molestation of the women Bill Clinton abused and Hillary covered for?

    1. Kathryn says:

      Bill Clinton is not running for President and how could she “cover it up”? Yes, he strayed, but the women consented and the Paula Jones case was dismissed. Adultery is not a crime and he has not been convicted nor has he been recording bragging that he assaulted women. Trump is not allegations, he himself admitted he assaulted women and in the vilest of terms. Maybe Bill Clinton is guilty as sin, but again he is not running for President. Fair is fair so lets bring up all those nude photos of Iesbian sex his third immigrant wife posed for…..being paid to engage is sex acts….now what is that called???????????????????

  3. Janet says:

    I wish Hogan was running for President!

  4. Karen Silkworth says:

    Bill Clinton is not running for president? ARE YOU STUPID KATHRYN? He will be first husband and inside the white house. He would be representing the country!! He had oral sex in the oval office with a girl the age of his daughter. He paid off a women that accused him of rapping her and four others accused him of it. Hillary Clinton threatened the lives of these women in one way or another. This is the people you want representing you?

    1. Kathryn says:

      The contact between Clinton and Lewinski (who was 22 at the time) was consensual and there is no crime in that. If 2 consenting adults want to do that it is perfectly legal. Disgusting & adulterous, yes, but legal. You must be a Trump “fact checker”, Chelsea Clinton is 7 years younger than Lewinski; not the same age as his daughter. Allegations are one thing, but he has not been convicted of sex related crimes nor has she been convicted of any sort of assault or threats. These are FACTS, look them up.

      Now, if you want someone who has sex with women younger than his children, Trump has done that, but again as long as she is 18 it is legal and we have all heard him brag about assaulting women and adultery. (The incident he describes happened while his wife was pregnant, BTW.)

      Trump has also committed adultery and he also has an illegitimate child and is on his third wife, who is seven years older than his son…, lets see, Trump has a wife 7 years older than his child and yet you are bashing Clinton for having consensual sex with an adult 7 years older than his child? Isn’t that the same thing????????????????

      By the way, rapping is what Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Kanye West et al do. Your level of education seems to explain a lot LOL!

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