By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Maryland’s top Republican weighs in on the Donald Trump comments after a 2005 video obtained by the Washington Post captures Trump apparently unaware he was being recorded discussing women.

The vulgarity of Donald Trump’s 2005 comments in an Access Hollywood video was so offensive it prompted an apology from the Republican presidential nominee.

“I apologize for those words, but it is things that people say,” said Donald Trump.

But apology is not enough for some republicans, including Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

“My views on Donald Trump are pretty clear, Hogan said. “I believe I was one of the first people who came out and said I wouldn’t support Trump back in February.”

In fact, Governor Hogan said it so often that by June he was tired of the question.

“A lot of other people are now joining that bandwagon,” Hogan said. “I thought his comments were disgraceful and outrageous and it doesn’t change my opinion at all. I was already opposed to his candidacy.”

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Kathy Szeliga is not joining that bandwagon.

“So just like Congressman Van Hollen supporting his nominee, I am supporting my nominee,” she said.

Since hearing the news of Trump’s 2005 bus comments, Szeliga said she’s appalled by the comments, but according to her campaign spokesperson will still vote for Trump.

Governor Hogan will write in a candidate.

“Most people will vote their conscience and vote for who they think is best for the job,” said the governor.

Hogan could not say who that write-in will be.

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Comments (5)
  1. Kathryn says:

    “but it is things that people say” He is so wrong!!!!!!!!! Civilized people who have respect for others do not say things like that. Most men do not brag about sexual assaults or using them job or social status to assault women. In typical childlike fashion he is trying to get out of it by saying that “everyone” does it. Well, they do not and it is no excuse!

    For once I agree with Larry Hogan. Nobody should vote for a vile ignorant megalomaniac buffoon like Trump….and just think about his grubby hands grabbing the p***y of your daughter, wife, mother…………because he is a rich celebrity and thinks he can and then he brags about it because he thinks he can do anything he wants to.

  2. George Gracie says:

    People change; If you don’t vote for Trump you are giving a vote to Clinton, at least vote for him to cancell out a vote for her

  3. Lettuce says:

    So we should vote for a felonious, lying ignoramus like Hillary? Just think about your son, brother, father left in a far away battlefield without support, and they die because she is a rich, pompous politician and thinks she can, and she is untouchable because she thinks she can do anything she wants to.

    See how every story has two sides? Next time, try to make your argument a bit more reasonable and educated instead of slinging mud…which makes you no better than Trump.

    Sadly, Trump said some nasty things. 11 years ago. In a locker room, away from a crowd. Given the history of Trump, one reasonable person could assume that he was merely bragging about something, like he normally does. Don’t you think that given his wealth and status, had he inappropriately touched a member of the opposite sex like he purported to do, a lawsuit would have been filed? This is sue-happy America, Kathryn.

    For what it’s worth, guys talk like that all the time. Spend some time in an all-male military unit. Go to a local High School sporting event. Listen to the raw tapes of an NFL locker room. Listen to modern day rap music…how is it different? Oh, right…because musicians are “artists” it’s okay for them to glorify objectification of women through song.

    Why do I care who Hogan supports? Make up your own mind people.

  4. Slik says:

    You’d rather vote for a treasonous child molester who with her rapist husband pimped out our jobs and uranium, let our soldiers die and takes millions from sharia countries? These filthy globalists are out to destroy our country, we’ve got an idiot starting WW3 & you’re worried about some dumb old tape that pales in comparison to secretaries at happy hour. OUR COUNTRY IS AT STAKE!

  5. Slik says:

    You want to see the REAL Donald Trump, not the LIES of MSM? Go to & look at any rally. You’ll see he’s NOT what the Soros machine is pushing!

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