BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Two Baltimore police officers won’t face charges after they fatally shoot an armed father and son back in March.

Investigators say officers were on patrol when they saw 43-year-old Matthew Wood and his son 18-year-old Kimani Johnson get out of car armed with a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun.

“The cops get out of their car and engage these killers, these would-be killers,” said Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, back in April

Two officers fired 56 rounds at the two men, killing them both.

The father and son never fired a shot.

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Now the officers involved have been cleared of all charges.

The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office tells WJZ they interviewed two independent witnesses that told the same story as the two officers.

“Our decision to decline prosecution in  this case was based on a thorough investigation where the statements of at least two independent witnesses at the scene of the shooting were consistent with the police officers’ account of the event that both men were armed—one with a loaded assault rifle and the other with a loaded handgun.,” said Rochelle Ritchie, spokesperson for the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office. “We take all cases seriously and are always open to looking into additional evidence provided to us; however, based on the evidence assessed at the time of this declination, we have concluded that there is no legal basis to charge these officers, who appear to have prevented even further violence on the streets of Baltimore.”

“They had guns, but did they use them? No, not once,” said Mary Scott who had two children with Matthew Wood.

She says she still has many unanswered questions, including why police fired so many times.

“Why was it an overkill? What threat was being made by two dead people in the street?” Scott said.

The couple’s daughter Jazmine is also upset.

“Who started shooting first and how did it come up to 56 shots?” she said.

Scott says, “My children deserve answers. All of his children deserve answers.”

Scott says she is consulting an attorney to look into options.

According to court records, both Wood and Johnson had lengthy criminal records, including handgun charges.

Comments (6)
  1. Kathryn says:

    I am sure 2 armed felons (one with an assault rifle) were probably just on their way to the Freddie Gray Community Center to pray for peace. I am sure the officers saved lives and none of them were hurt, so a job well done. Whoever they were on their way to rob and or kill was also someone’s son or daughter. The fact they were not able to fire first meant the police did their jobs well and I could care less how many times they were shot. All of these baby mommas & their illegitimate kids need to learn that nobody is going to give a break to convicted felon career criminals with assault rifles who will not care if kids get hit as collateral damage when the decide to settle a score with another drug dealer.

  2. JoeyG says:

    Mary Scott would be singing a very different tune if THESE two were the intended targets and the Police did not respond in such a proactive manor to shoot THEIR would be killers. I’m sure she would be all over the news crying about how the Police did nothing to protect them and their community and how she now has to raise “all these kids” by herself(not to mention all the other kids this low life had with God only knows how many mothers). The Police cannot win in these communities.

  3. Congrats to the SA for actuaslly conducting a full investigation into the BPD officers in this case. I guess Mosby learned something from the Freddie Gray trail fiascos.

  4. Anonymous1 says:

    Anybody else notice they removed the word ARMED from the headline on the Home Page, but its on the story once you click the link. You would think ARMED would be apart of the headline.

  5. Geoff says:

    The story doesn’t say how they engaged them all it basically says is two men get out of a car with guns and the officers engaged them. Did they just see them get out of the car with a couple of guns and just open fire because they had guns that were legal/illegal. The story doesn’t seem right. Is everyone in danger of being killed for taking their gun into their house if so there is going to be a lot of dead people when gun season opens up for hunting and you moving you guns to and from the car/truck! How did they get off this time if the two men never pointed the guns at them or anyone else and never even fired a round. Were the guns even loaded? I guess you’re not even able to look at a gun now without being killed in baltimore. All I can say is WOW.

    1. Katrina says:

      When hunting, you don’t transport your weapon out of a case. And you don’t jump out of your car in town with your weapon and take an aggressive tactical stance and aim at people across the street.
      CBS is doing its best to sensationalize this story. You jumped to the exact conclusion they wanted you to. This story is poorly written, and the videos almost worse. It looks and sounds like they want to make the police look bad rather than focusing on the fact that they saved lives. Fifth graders could have done a better job.

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