This week’s edition of the Norris & Long Show best of includes interviews with Ralph Russo of the Associated Press on the upcoming college football bowl season, Clifton Brown of Comcast Sportsnet reviews the Ravens loss to the Patriots with a look ahead to the Eagles game on Sunday, and Roch Kubatko of MASN on the Orioles addition of catcher Wellington Castillo.


Ralph joined Ed and Rob to talk about the upcoming bowl games, Lamar Jackson winning the Heisman and other assorted college football stories.

Ralph started by talking about Heisman Trohpy winner Lamar Jackson of Louisville and if he was the right choice saying “he was an overwhelming winner, to a certain degree he had his best games early in the season and kind of stumbled down the stretch…when he stumbled nobody else seized the moment, DeShaun Watson is a really good player Baker Mayfield is a really good player but he had better numbers then them.”

Ralph went on to talk about the story of a Wake Forest radio announcer giving other teams game plan information prior to games, and also talked about some of the upcoming bowl games.


Cliff joined Ed and Rob to talk about the Ravens loss to the Patriots and looking ahead to a match-up with the Eagles.

Cliff started by talking about what the Patriots were able to exploit in the Ravens defense saying “they were able to make enough plays through the air to hurt the Ravens, obviously the bomb to Hogan was a crusher…earlier in the game I thought Ravens did a good job of confusing the Patriots and having a chance to grab a lead but they missed it.”

Cliff went on to talk about Tom Brady and how durable he has been and how he is playing so well at the age of 39, and also which Ravens running back will be featured more by the Ravens this week West or Dixon.


Roch joined Ed and Rob to talk about the Orioles adding Wellington Castillo to their roster.

Roch started by talking about the addition of Wellington Castillo instead of bringing back Matt Wieters and Roch said “the bottom line is they weren’t going to pay the money it was going to take to keep Matt, Scott Boras is going to look for a huge deal because he’s the best catcher on the market now…catchers now are just holding the spot until Chance Sisco is ready and he’s in triple A.”

Roch also went on to talk about the new hot stat in baseball of pitch framing and how that may have factored in to the decision to move on from Wieters and bring in Castillo.


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