By Joel Furches

For savvy clothing shoppers and fashion lovers, consignment shops are a true gift. Not only do they have an ever-shifting palette of clothing and accessories to choose from, but they also serve as a solution for the problem of what to do with all of the clothing you already have but never wear anymore. A good consignment shop is better than Good Will or any other donation program in that you get money back for your donations. In Baltimore, these are some of the best locations to bring your used-but-still-good clothing to get a little profit in return.

Redeux Consignment Shop
5002 Lawndale Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21210
(410) 323-2140

Redeux Consignment Shop occupies a cute space in the heart of Roland Park. As such, much of the selection comes from pretty upscale dressers, and it shines in comparison to most local consignment shops because of its classy selection of clothing. This is an important detail. Redeux sells some of the finest brands and best styles at extremely affordable prices. When it comes to consigning your own clothes to Redeux, you are sure to have a friendly experience with a flexible staff who are willing to compromise on prices.

Too Good To Be Thru
2123 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 400-3223

Located in the Arts and Entertainment district of Baltimore city, Too Good to be Thru is a small business consignment store specializing in up-to-date designer and brand name clothes and accessories – including shelves and shelves full of shoes. The owner is very kind when it comes to purchasing items. She is sure to tell you what items she wants, and if she can’t accept an item, will give you the reasons she turned it away. Once your item has been consigned, expect an e-mail receipt giving you the details of the purchase.

B’more Betty
1500 Thames St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
(443) 869-6379

Located in the National Harbor area, B’more Betty doesn’t just sell and buy items, but will also do mending and repair on some types of clothing. Despite the fact that its a small, second-hand boutique, the interior looks like a high-end designer store, and carries the brands to match. When the staff buys items, they don’t mess around. The store guarantee is that items will be appraised with 100 percent authenticity, and this comes with a full money-back guarantee for both buyers and sellers. Betty is known for the quality of the cleaning and refurbishing it puts into its products, so that those who buy, buy with like-new condition.

Betty has been in operation since 2011, and distinguishes itself in the market as being one of the few re-sellers in the area who fully stands behind its products.

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Bottle Of Bread
216 W. Read St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(443) 963-9388

This shop sells vintage, and it shows – beginning at the storefront which is authentic 19th century. In addition to clothes and accessories, Bottle of Bread markets shoes, home goods and art. Much of what BOB carries is locally made, but the store still offers consignment. If you have any vintage clothes – 90’s or before – Mo, the owner of BOB, would love to take a look. You are sure to make a bargain if you bring in something classic and classy. Bottle of Bread is also a first stop if you create your own art, jewelry or clothes, and you are looking for a place to sell.

La Chic Boutique
1501 Sulgrave Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21209
(443) 869-2247

La Chic Boutique is wall to wall clothing, handbags, jewelry, shoes, furniture and more! If you are looking for variety in the items you are trying to consign, La Chic Boutique should probably be your first stop. When you consign an item, the owner will set the price at the time, and once it sells, you get 50 percent of the profit via check. If items do not sell, you may reclaim them, or the owner will donate them to a charity on your behalf (you get the tax deduction for yourself). La Chic offers variety and reliability in its cosigning policy, and is definitely worth your while.

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