BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A deadly shooting in the baggage claim of a busy Fort Lauderdale Airport that left several injured and five people dead. Now, there are new concerns on what’s being done to keep people safe in airports.

Some are saying it’s time to review security in areas outside of regular security checkpoints.

Investigator Mike Hellgren has the latest from BWI Airport and what’s being done to secure the airport’s most vulnerable areas.

In the baggage claim and up and arrivals you don’t have to go through any metal detectors. Some are saying there should be more scrutiny on the security of these public areas.

The deadly shooting rampage and baggage clamp at Fort Lauderdale has raised concerns.
“They look to find where there is the weakest link, and they go there. So the baggage claim is not secure,” says New York Senator Chuck Schumer at a press conference.
Traveler Jen Orlin just got back to Baltimore from Florida, and believes the areas are vulnerable.
“It is frightening that someone come from the front door right in here. It could’ve been us,” she says.
Suspected gunman Esteban Santiago had a semi-automatic weapon in checked baggage. He loaded it in a bathroom and opened fire.
The TSA allows properly unloaded declared weapons and properly packaged guns in checked bags, it does not allow any in carry-ons.
The TSA has confiscated at least five guns in the past two months.
“We do several things that are designed to be more invisible. One of those things that we do that people might not recognize is we work very closely with our airport partners. Here at BWI, we work closely with Maryland Transportation Authority Police. They hold the main responsibility for policing securing the airport in general,” says Lisa Farbstein with BWI TSA.
44 states allow you to carry legal weapons in airports common areas, like the baggage claim.
Last year, terrorists exploited vulnerabilities in Brussels, carrying out an attack in the Departure hall, and in 2013 a gunman opened fire killing a TSA agent. Some frequent travelers believe it’s time for more scrutiny.
Maryland Transportation Authority Police say they’re always vigilant in accessible areas of the airport, but they urge travelers to be on alert for any suspicious activity.
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