Hi Everyone!

Ok so this light snowfall is gone, a “no harm-no foul” event. GOOD!  So let’s move on.

Two more day’s in January, then we start February. And the transition will be seem less. and a mild one. A big warm front setting up to the West WILL indeed move our daytime highs back into the mid to upper 40’s through Thursday. Even with another Clipper winging by to our North tomorrow, and into early Wednesday, we will keep the outlook dry. Weather-wise life is good today!

February is, usually but not always, a pretty calm month. With moderate temps, seasonal if you will. Now as I type this the extended data is mentioning the chance of some light snow early next Monday A.M., but understand that is still just a mention and a ways off.

So as we start the week, and deal with a Monday, with respect to Papa Hemingway, we can write, “all is quiet on the weather front.”



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