Ed and Rob were joined by Russell Street Report’s Tony Lombardi to discuss a few factors of the Super Bowl.

The guys agree, the game really could go either way because of the evenly matched teams, but someone will come out on top.

Lombardi believes the ‘X factor’ in the big game could be just a single tight end.

Lombardi says, “There’s a guy who seems to find his way and do well in the red zone for the Falcons, that I think will be largely ignored by the Patriots…and that’s their tight end Austin Hooper. He only has 19 catches in the season, but he’s got three touchdowns and I think in a game like this, when they’ve had two weeks to prepare…Hooper could be one of ‘those guys’ on Sunday.”

Lomarbi is picking the Falcons to win 24-20 and has Matt Ryan as the MVP choice.

Tune in to hear the full interview below:


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