Hi everyone!

  How nice was yesterday? Wow. And another one today. The record for this afternoon is 70° set in 1965. The forecast high today is 69°. And that will be with a few peaks of sun not unlike yesterday. And all this warmth plays into the expected snowfall of the overnight,  and early tomorrow morning. What we are talking here are road, and paved surface, temperatures.

  Our enhanced radar can show us “real time” road temps. A check around the area this morning, and not just the “urban islands’ but rural roads too, show readings in the 50’s. Tomorrow will get sloppy but should not be real slick area wide. I do not doubt that somewhere, someone, will see it “dicey” but NOT area wide. The idea will be to stay sharp, and take your time. Unless there is a BIG change in the forecast problems should be limited. I do need to point out, though, there are regional forecasts well up the I-95 road of 10+ inches of snow. Legit.

  We will watch this developing event for you! Meanwhile enjoy this day!




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