Hi Everyone!

Well looking at the weather up the Eastern seaboard I think it is safe to say we REALLY dodged a big one. Real Estate, and weather, have one thing in common…it is all about location. Location, location, LOCATION!
Now let’s look ahead to what I think is going to be the big weather story, here, and that is a BIG shot of cold. This afternoon temps will be in the 35-40° range, and the wind will be blowing. Tonight we are going to see temps fall to 18°, and that is before a wind chill.  Tomorrow we will stay in the mid to upper 30’s dayside, and slightly below freezing tomorrow night. But just as you are ready to hunker down for the next Ice Age here coms a fine run of mild weather.

Saturday-56°, Sunday-60°, MOnday-55°, and Tuesday-52°

Excellent! Let’s end today’s blog on that WARM note. Sure beats the alternative. Just watch the news reports, later, from up the I-95 road. Loving it here today. Life is good in “the tropics.”



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