This week’s edition of the Norris & Long Show best of includes interviews with Craig Heist who covers the Wizards, Rob Carlin who covers the Capitals for Comcast Sportsnet, and the voice of Terrapins athletics Johnny Holliday on the recent losing skid of the Terps basketball team.


Craig joined Ed and Rob to talk about the Wizards great play lately despite falling in overtime last night to the defending champion Cavaliers.

Craig started by talking about the relationship between John Wall and Bradley Beal saying “I think they’re on the same page and have been on the same page, I think the reports of them not getting along was much ado about nothing…bottom line for this team is the fact that they’ve played well enough to get themselves in good position in the Eastern Conference, they’re buying in to coach Brooks, and they’re healthy that’s the most important thing.”

When asked about the speed and quickness of John Wall and whether there is another player in the game that possesses the same type of abilities as Wall Craig said “he’s a lot of fun to watch and if you ask most coaches they’ll say he’s a one man fast break and that is true.”


Rob joined Ed and Rob to talk about the Capitals and how they’re currently tearing up the rest of the league.

Rob started by talking about the Capitals run of dominance especially at home lately saying “it is remarkable, they’re the best team on the ice almost every single night…it is absolute pure domination right now, they have 5 shutouts in their last eight home games and they’ve outscored opponents 48-6.” As for why the Capitals are having such a run of dominance Rob said “all four lines are scoring every night, and Braden Holtby who is the defending Vezina trophy winner may be playing better than he ever has.”

Rob went on to talk about how much the addition of T.J. Oshie last season has led to this team becoming better, and whether or not the Caps bottom two lines can continue to play the way they are right now when the playoffs come around.


Johnny joined Ed and Rob to talk about Terps basketball on a two game losing slide.

Johnny started by talking about the feeling around the program after the upset loss at Penn State saying “I think there are a whole bunch of guys on that team, the coaching staff, and the broadcasters all felt horrible after that game, it in no way represented how they played to get to twenty wins.” When asked about if there were any signs prior to the game of trouble Johnny said “one thing that stands out is when we talked to Coach Turgeon before the loss he said we had a bad practice yesterday I hope it doesn’t carry over to the game, they’re so talented that I think they’ll bounce back against Ohio State.”


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