Hi Everyone!


Give the weather a couple of hours today and we will be walking right out of the freezer and toward another run of mild weather. And that run will take us right into mid-February. Up to our North, and out to our Northwest, there is a lot of weather happening. A lot. On the West Coast  the “Pineapple Express”, that river of moisture that streams toward the Northwest coast, from Hawaii,  is really causing problems. But here, in the Mid-Atlantic,  our weather is on an even keel. Sunday looks to be a bit wet, some spotty rain in the forecast. Otherwise a fairly good amount of sun.

Our normal daytime high has moved UP to 44°, the slow walk to spring continues.

Really that is about it this day, so let’s close this out and get the weekend state of mind going. Have a great, and safe one!

TGIF!!…ain’t it the truth!!



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