Baltimore (WJZ) – Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank continues to respond to criticism over comments he made about President Trump.

Plank’s words sparked backlash even some of the company’s star athletes spoke out. Plank took out a full letter in the Baltimore Sun to address the entire City.

Whether it’s in Harbor East or at the company’s headquarters in Locust Point, everyone is talking about Under Armour and Kevin Plank right now, but for all of the wrong reasons.

It’s the letter from the CEO that had all of Baltimore talking Wednesday, but last week, it was Plank’s comments on Donald Trump that stole the show.

“To have such a pro business, president is something that’s a real asset to this country,” Plank said on CNBC.

Under Armour athletes wasted no time lashing out. Misty Copeland said “I strongly disagree with Plank’s comments.”

Dwayne Johnson added “these are neither my words, nor my beliefs.”

And NBA MVP Steph Curry said “I agree with that description, if you remove the E-T from asset.”

“I don’t think there are any surprises here when you look at the president,” Plank said.

In a letter to the City, Plank said “I answered a question with a choice of words that did not accurately reelect my intent.”

The CEO also voiced his support for immigration.

“I wish him well, I’m glad he made the statement, I believe in Kevin Plank and his work,” said Mayor Catherine Pugh.

While some say the letter in the Baltimore Sun was a positive step, others say Plank, just needs to move on.

“He responded first, which is great, then you want to move on, you don’t want to continue the conversation, you don’t want to add to the buzz,” said Shana Harris with Warschawski Marketing and PR.

“This is a little bump that’s going to happen, and when you do have strong brand and build up great reputation like Under Armour has, you’re able to overcome these more easily,” Harris said.

Harris said it’s more crucial now than ever for Plank to focus on his company’s brand and products. Along with a Port Covington project, with stakes that are higher than ever.

“The fact that he did what he did today, shows how important Baltimore is to him,” Harris said.

In support of immigration in his letter, Plank also publicly opposed Trump’s travel ban.

Mayor Pugh added that Plank was clear in his editorial about where he stands as an individual and where his company stands as well.

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Comments (11)
  1. David Fisher says:

    Too late racist bigot. Your clothes make people look like wanna-be athletes. I’m surrounded by fat people all thinking their ‘toned’ because of your junk $hit.

    1. You don’t think your comment is hurtful towards fat people? So its not OK for others to be “racist” yet it is OK for you to make such comments? Hypocritical no?

  2. David Fisher
    how is he a racist bigot? where and or how does what he said make him a racist bigot

  3. no1hd says:

    On the way out the door to return the only Under Armour anything I ever owned, Will never own any more.
    Sorry LOSER..
    Play with your overpaid anti-USA athletes if you want, but use your own money.

    1. So you are only tolerant towards people with your belief system but intolerant towards people with a different point of view? How are you making this world a better place?

  4. after 8 years of a pretty much anti buisness president, Trump must be a breath of fresh air. of course many, like David Fisher there are so filled with their hate they cannot see straight. yes this can be called a country of immigrants. there have been periods of time where the US had closed off all immigration before. there was a time when you had to come in on the East coast through Ellis Island. many were turned away. many died on the island cause they had no money to go back and was not let in the country. if you were deemed ill, you were not allowed in the country. we have a problem with Mexico. they enforce their own more restrictive immigration laws yet want us to open our borders to any one who wants to come that way. they do not allow, they encourage their own people people from south of their border and others that land by air or ship to trespass, er immigrate into our country. these ‘honest’ immigrants that so many act like want to be Americans segregate themselves here, take out government handouts, and send most of their earned income back to Mexico where it now is number one income for the state, by passing oil and tourism. Mexico is using these people to fund their corrupt top to bottom government and failed socialism. the immigrants here from Mexico have the same mindset. corruption is the way of Mexican life, not an exception

  5. Earl King says:

    Having a pro business president is a good thing. Vetting visa holders and immigrants from countries with no central govt. like Yemen or Libya is a good thing.
    I will buy under amour if its the right piece of clothing…I don’t boycott bigoted leftist progressives film or albums or products…I leave politics at my friends and family doorsteps. Finally a country that finds everybody racist and bigoted will fail…We are witnessing a complete and utter lack of tolerance by our leaders….

    1. When you say leaders who do you mean? Definitely a lack of tolerance from past leaders and Presidential candidates who made divisive comments and lost the election because of it and now continue to sabotage what can be good for the country!

  6. So Johnson and Curry can have an OPINION, but Plank the owner of the company that pays them millions can’t! Boy, aren’t they TOLERATE! This is what has happened to our Country….you best cave to the Elitists Left opinion are suffer the consequences. Bought stuff related to both big mouths Curry and Johnson for nephews at Christmas, never again. In fact asking them to throw in the trash and I will replace with PRO-AMERICA sports figures! Johnson and Curry do not have to deal with real world problems, big money insulates them from reality. My reality is my husband’s identity was stolen by illegals and cost us money, the bank and credit card company. Detective said this is running rampant in this country and costing USA businesses 100s of billions each year. Hey guys, the USA is broke, 36% of our citizens on WELFARE. You guys want them, you take financial and physical responsibility for as many as you would like to fed, clothe and house, but leave my and America’s wallet out of it. Only the left believes the lie “Everything for Everyone” …..nobody ever says whose paying!

  7. Joy Bless says:

    He only said it was nice to have a business savvy president.he wasn’t commenting on a travel ban or anything else and writing a letter to justify his remarks is ridiculous. I would fire all my celebrity spokespeople who made the bland remarks into a big deal because they don’t like the president. When you speak your truth, don’t retract it

  8. Thank god the quiet middle picks who is president, all these stupid boycotts are silly. Yes the middle, the voice of reason that voted for O and Trump, Bush, Clinton, the ones that don’t vote their party blindly they’re the deciding factor.

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