Hi Everyone!

Not a ton to talk about today. It’s all good. HEY we got it right!—LOL!! The cool down is here and the warm up begins shortly. A bunch of sun, and NO snow. Like I said not a ton to talk about. So are we done for the day? Not quite yet.

I am going to ask you to visit www.cbsnews.com and watch a series of reports from Mark Phillips  on the changing landscape of Antarctica. If you scroll to the bottom of the front page you will find them. It is becoming crystal clear that both poles, North/South, are changing. (There is nothing political going on here fyi, with this blog or these reports. Just pure science.)

Also you might be interested in a report from Climate Central. (www.climatecentral.org ). This is an independent group who studies the worlds weather. Our former meteorologist Bernadette Woods is part of this fine organization. Some of the conclusions of the past few weeks, re worldwide weather, are stunning.

What can a single person do to help this situation out. Tough question. I mean recycle, drive fuel efficient cars, etc. I think the best thing to do, though, is to be informed. And now might just be the time to really walk down that path. Again there is no political statement going on here, just some VERY interesting scientific facts that are now not only coming to light, but getting “big legs.’

Have at it.



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