Hi Everyone!

An “Alberta Clipper” began to move across the area overnight.  Indeed there were more than a few flurries blowing around this morning ESPECIALLY around the Montgomery County suburbs of the District. Western Maryland got some whitening of roads and grassy surfaces. Through the day, as this “storm” moves by,  we will see some flurries, a sprinkle or two, and more than a couple peeks of Sun. Then the “fun begins.

HOLD on to your hat. Literally. When skies clear out tonight, as the “Clipper” moves away, the wind machine will amp up again. AND with very chilly temps in place the wind chills will be impressive. Tomorrow we will forecast 40°. The wind chill will barely be at 20°. Tomorrow night the low is 16°. Single digit “chills.”


By Sunday the wind eases, and by next week the temps get warm again. But between now and then I will say it again, “HAVE MERCY!”

Enjoy the weekend, be safe, and have FUN!

TGIF..ain’t it the TRUTH!



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