Hi Everyone!

Just good news this day. Real good news. The bottom line is this, we have removed snow showers from the overnight forecast, (as a Clipper wings by), and have TOTALLY removed snow from Sunday morning’s forecast. How could this be? Let’s discuss.

I have noted the following before but now is a perfect time to showcase again the fact that the Earth ITSELF is THE variable in any forecast. Also it is a “forecast,” or “prediction,” NOT an absolute.

Computer models try to read the Earth. The Earth does not know of computer models. The planet is the variable. And this time the forecast has swung in our favor. As a matter of fact, Sunday did a 180° change on us. From gray/windy/cold, to sunny and chilly.

Do note the “forecast/prediction” of a period of below normal temps did not change. Tomorrow through mid-week we will average about 11° below normal.

But all things considered…………..!



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