Hi Everyone,
Ok Mother Nature cut the comedy, and start the feature. Can we get real HON? Six day’s and it is Spring. After yesterday is anybody not looking forward to that? What a day it was. Snow, sleet, and rain with 25 straight line miles. Touched them all as a baseball man might say. And now it’s done. Sort of.
That BIG Low is, now, just to the East of New England. Our barometer this AM is 29.80. That is LOW. That is because of that Nor’easter STILL running our weather from that far away!!! As high pressure builds in we will slowly lose the winds, but snow showers banding around that storm will make life a bit visual this day. Snow showers of ZERO consequence, but none the less!!!
By tomorrow lose that wind, and those passing snow showers, just sunny and chilly.
Normals are now 53°/33°. Only one day of the next five will be at normal so the chill will linger through the last days of Winter, and possibly the first day or so of Spring. Ahhh Spring! And I will leave you on a high note this day. Indications are as we get to mid-week next week, and beyond, the day time high’s will get to, and then, above normal again.!

  1. I can deal with the rain, snow, sleet, and hail, but the wind, which seems to have become a constant here in Mount Airy exacerbates all inclement weather. The Town Council of Mount Airy should consider adopting the motto, “Mount Airy, the Chicago of the East!”

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