BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The search for answers continues after police say a young woman expecting her second child was shot and killed, and the suspect, her husband, is also dead.

Ava-joye Burnett spoke with the victim’s family who remembered her on Wednesday evening.

Dozens showed up on Wednesday night to remember Shahidah Barnes. But the investigation may have become even more complicated since the victim, and her husband are now dead.

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It was an easter Sunday tragedy, when a 28-year-old woman, expecting her second child was found with gunshot wounds in a car at St. Agnes hospital in Baltimore. Shahidah Barnes died, and so did her unborn child.

Later that day, her husband, Deron Barnes, the suspect in the case, was found dead in Baltimore county.

This is a case that’s left both Baltimore County and city police searching for answers.

“But it is a tragic situation involving a domestic violence situation and a tragic death as a result,” says Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith.

Baltimore City Police says Barnes was about 20 to 21 weeks pregnant. While the investigation continues, her family pledges to never forget the memories.”

“Coming over here in the car her daughter said, my mother knew all these people, and I said yeah, she might not have known all of them but she touched all of them,” says the victim’s aunt, Dr. Jackie King.

Shahidah leaves behind a young daughter, who’s sticking close to Shahidah’s mom.

“I just can’t imagine but god has it because she died in christ. I just know that I will see her on the other side,” says Shahida’s mother, Shahidah N.L. Miles.

The family says Shahidah was just about to officially open a day care. Her family says she was just waiting for a few more permits.

They’ve set up a go fund me for her, you can find it HERE.

Baltimore County Police are considering the husband’s death a possible suicide, but detectives also believe someone took the gun before police found his body.


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