By Joel Furches

The thought of a moist, well-textured carrot cake with its walnuts and its sweet and creamy icing is enough to start any mouth watering. Of course, carrot cake is also a treat that is easy to bake with less than stellar quality. While it remains on practically every dessert menu, when you go out to grab this delicious baked good, you want to select a venue that knows what its doing. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. If you are a fan of this tasty product, check out one of these locales and sink your teeth into their version of this king among cakes.

Woodlea Bakery
4905 Belair Road
Baltimore, MD 21206
(410) 488-7717

The Woodlea Bakery is know for its catering of events – including birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. It is also known for its excellent and friendly customer service, and for its cakes. Customers rave about many of its baked goods, but one feature stands out on the menu: its carrot sheet cake. That’s right, order it up and you can get a one-fourth, one-half or full sheet carrot cake! If you are a fan of carrot cake, and want to share your tastes for a party, the Woodlea Bakery has you covered! Want a little less carrot cake for yourself? Don’t worry: it also serves them at normal size.

Bill’s Place Carryout
1516 W. Baltimore St.
Baltimore, MD 21223
(410) 945-1895

Bill’s Place features a quick carryout service and delivery. Most who use Bill’s, do so for its extremely diverse and comprehensive menu of takeout favorites. But for those who have ventured onto Bill’s dessert menu, the standout item is its carrot cake. Want great carrot cake for rapid pickup or delivery? Better go to Bill’s.

Midnite Confections
1051 S. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 727-1010

A locally owned family business, Midnite Confections offers the kind of service you would expect from a small business. You know the business is doing it right when they are a winner of a Best of Baltimore award. The loving and personal care the staff puts into the preparation of each of its recipes makes the items flavorful and savory. Midnite also does catering for every occasion. But this bakery does one item only: cupcakes. With every possible cupcake under the sun, its not at all surprising that the restaurant has a carrot cupcake on the menu. This is the perfect item for a carrot cake fan who wants to try something different. Additionally, the carrot cupcake is a bite sized cake experience. With Midnite Confections, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

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Dessert Fantasies
1433 E. Fort Ave., MD 21230
(443) 708-1349

Dessert Fantasies stands by its business goal to provide “distinctively delicous desserts by baking from scratch using only the finest ingredients.” It must be doing it right, too with the outstanding success this business has enjoyed. While customers may special order most kinds of baked goods, Dessert Fantasies really commits itself to the cupcake game. The cupcakes at DF are jumbo-sized for the customer who really wants to get the most bang for their bite. Try any of the enormous menu of cupcakes it offers, but be sure to try its carrot cupcake. Moist, creamy and flavorful, it will have your mouth watering on sight.

One World Cafe
100 W. University Parkway
Baltimore, MD 21210
(410) 235-5777

In close vicinity to the local college, One World Cafe offers a rare service in a restaurant community which largely features seafoods and pastas. One World Cafe lives up to its trendy name by offering entirely vegan, vegetarian and gluten free food. Perhaps you are a person with a taste for the carrot cake, but a problem with gluten. One World Cafe has you covered with its entirely gluten free carrot cake. But despite the fact that this cake is both vegan and gluten free, it manages to taste better than most carrot cakes prepared in a traditional bakery. So stop drooling over baked goods you can’t eat because of your health or lifestyle, and make One World Cafe your go-to spot for your favorite cake!

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