Hi Everyone!

What up? We have a few sunny days ahead of us. A few. They will also be on the cool side too. The normal daytime high is now 72°, by weeks end 73°. We will come nowhere near close to those numbers even through the weekend, and as we start Preakness week. Mainly our temps will be in the low to mid 60’s. One day, Wednesday, we will be close to 70° but that is the hot spot.

This is not an unusual pattern for early May, but a run of warm temps would not be unusual either. Early, and even into mid-May, can be a temperature roller coaster. I can remember a few Preakness Days where it was so hot you did not even want to be outside. Conversely I can remember a couple where it was overcoat chilly.

Cue up Tom Jones,  “It’s not unnnyousual….”

As for rain the chance of showers will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Not the “gully-washing” we received Friday morning, but damp at times none the less.

May HON’s! Spring moves forward.



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