By Denise Koch

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One of the darkest chapters in Baltimore’s history is now being viewed by people around the world.

A seven-part Netflix documentary details widespread sex abuse by priests and police, corruption, and the possible cover-up of a nun’s murder.

WJZ’s Denise Koch spoke to the man behind the documentary.

In January 1970, the body of a young, popular nun is found in a ditch.

Sister Cathy Cesnik taught at Archbishop Keough High School.

It was later revealed she was at the center of an elaborate sex ring involving priests and police.

Just before her death, she was about to blow the whistle on the horrific crimes.

The mystery of who killed Sister Cathy is one Ryan White has heard his entire life.

His aunt had Sister Cathy as a teacher.

Now, White is the director of a seven-part Netflix documentary centered around Sister Cathy.

“[Reporter: Is your documentary essentially an investigation of who murdered Sister Cathy, or does it go beyond that?”]

“This story is much deeper and darker, and more sinister than her murder,” said White.

He tells WJZ that in his search to find her killer, he’s uncovered so much more.

“There have been many, many crimes since, I think to cover up her murder and what she was uncovering,” White said.

For months, WJZ has spoken with many women who tell the same story.

They were sexually abused by Father Joseph Maskell, Father Neil Magnus, and police officers.

Many of them received settlements from the Catholic Church.

“The facts are there were a lot of people in positions of power around Maskell that had a lot to lose if this abuse was exposed. Sister Cathy threatened that,” White said.

“[Reporter: So you suspect a cover up?”] A violent, sociopathic, perhaps involved in a murder, priest died a free man. I don’t know how that happens without some form of cover up.”

“[Reporter: Why do we need to be talking about it? People say this was 50 years ago.] It’s not too late to get justice, ever,” White said. “And a story that’s buried deliberately needs to be unburied to make sure it’s not happening again.”

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