Hi Everyone!

66° was yesterday’s high. And we started this day with continued coolish, gray, and misty conditions. But as of this writing, 7:00A.M., we are watching the winds turnaround from the moist Easterly flow to the North West and a drier breeze. This will end the yuck, and bring some sun back into our lives. We will also watch temps rise to 80° this afternoon. I do not want to promise a ton of clearing today but at this point any few peeks of sun will be a blessed relief.

With this drier air, after a chance of aft/eve t-storms, we WILL see skies start to break up and the next two day’s look FINE. Sunny with temps tomorrow, and Friday afternoon, right around 80°. Ain’t no tougher than that. In a perfect world anyway.

This will be day 22 of the 31 days in May with some rain reported in the area. In fact, all things considered, February will go down as a nicer month than May. Even that little bit of afternoon sun, (and hopefully more than a little bit), will be a big improvement.

Fingers crossed and let’s move along with this day.




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