Tim Keown, writer for ESPN The Magazine, joined Ed and Rob to talk about his recent cover story on Orioles short stop Manny Machado being the new face of the MLB.

Tim started by talking about changes in the way MLB players approach the game and how Manny is a part of that saying, “I think there’s sort of an evolution of the game due to a few players and Manny Machado is one of them…baseball needs to get out of the old way of playing the game with retribution and negativity and Manny is one of those guys who plays the game with joy and is fun to watch.”

As for how important the game of baseball is in the Dominican culture and how that has made Manny such a star Tim said, “there is a different mentality and they have a different relationship with the game…it’s a release to play it’s in the Latin culture occupying a different role than it does here.”

Tim also went on to talk about the way the US could rebound and bring the game of baseball back to the forefront of American culture.


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