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Hi everyone!

Ready for the Summer holiday weekend. You bet I am. And you should be too. What a perfect time to have a Tuesday holiday. Look at it this way, Monday is the bridge day between the weekend  and the 4th. Ergo Monday is its own faux holiday. Who really is going to give it 100% on Monday? For that matter even on tomorrow, Friday, the getaway day. A perfect day to back away from the grind and get into the “holiday zone.”  And the weather?….

Look like Summer has returned to the city. This AM we were 7-10° warmer than yesterday morning, and  more humid too. This afternoon we will be 10° warmer than yesterday’s 81°. and it looks like we stay in the low 90’s through the 4th! The only bumps in the road are the same one’s we have been discussing for the past few days. That being the chance of aft/eve showers, or a thunderstorm, (the pop up stuff but a bit more widespread). I still don’t see either day being ruined. As I like to write in this blog “consistency’ is the key. we ready don’t want to see any late minute surprises in the outlook. Not expecting any either!



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