Ravens Insider Tony Lombardi lends some insight on the Norris and Long Show in regards to the situation to Orr’s free agency and the comments made by his agent, Robert Sheets.

Lombardi said he heard Orr’s agent on with Vinny and Haynie yesterday and started thinking…”I think this guy is disingenuous.” Lombardi questioned Zachary Orr’s agent and said “there’s some cause for suspicion” in this situation.

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Ozzie Newsome has firmly said “he is a free agent” and the Ravens have not commented further.

Lombardi questions the circumstances and Norris agreed. “I think the NFL opens up themselves to a big problem here too. This a league that is trying to become more player-safety friendly and trying to overcome the repercussions of concussion symptoms. How in the world, if a number of doctors said this guy is putting his life at risk, and that is what happens…how could they ever recover from that? I would think Roger Goodell is calling every team and saying ‘do not pass this guy’ on the physicals,” explained Lombardi.

Lombardi says there was code around the league for no one signing Ray Rice and he thinks this could be the same kind of situation. He went on to say, “it’s almost like they were looking for the right answer and they finally found one.”

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