Hi Everyone!

Rain today. And I believe that is a good thing. We have been pretty dry. I can tell you, from being on the water a pretty good amount, that the bay is VERY salty now. And infusion of fresh water would not be a bad thing for the Chesapeake. It would move the saline scale back to brackish where it belongs. (Brackish is the normal mix of fresh and salt waters usually the state of the way.)  Streets are dusty, and in general gritty. SO yes rain, and more than just a little, or a passing thunderstorm is a good thing. Today.

By tomorrow the sun will be out and the weekend looks to be a good one. Frankly sunny weather continues into mid-week next week! (This time of the year, the vacation season, every day counts not only Saturday, and Sunday.) Through that run of sun temps will be seasonal in the upper 80’s.

So needed rain today, and needed vacation weather are all on the plate. And that is a fine thing. ENJOY!



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