Baltimore Ravens Columnist John Eisenberg talks with Ed and Rob about the tight end issues and defensive backfield problems.

Eisenberg recently wrote an article called “Making Sense of Ravens’ Tight End Situation” as he breaks down what’s going on with the position. A few months ago the Ravens had more tight ends than they needed and now they’re down to four.

Benjamin Watson, Nick Boyle, Crockett Gillmore and Maxx Williams all generate questions about their ability to contribute in 2017.

Eisenberg said, “All four of those guys have some questions surrounding them. It remains to be seen who mans that position. I think Benjamin Watson is coming back from a serious injury… but you don’t know at this point.”

However, on a more encouraging note, Eisenberg said “the secondary should be really strong. After all they put into it with free agent money and draft picks, I think the secondary will be strong and I think that’s going to help at the end of a lot the games. And certainly Jeremy Maclin helped things on the offensive side.”

Tune in above to hear more from John Eisenberg about his new book, his stance on Zachary Orr and more. 



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