Hi Everyone!

We are in for another hot one today. No surprise. Sunny, hot, and HUMID with a high of 97°. The heat index will be 105°. Which leads me to this morning’s discussion which is, by reader request, “heat index”, and “wind chill.” AND specifically the effect on not just humans, and animals.

Fact of the matter is this. Be it hot, or cold, the combination of humidity, or wind, ONLY effects living things. Inanimate objects are simply not in jeopardy. For the example I will use the belts on the engine of your car. In the cold of Winter wouldn’t they get brittle with the “wind chill’ and break? No and here is the proof. Take a thermometer outside. If it is 20° with a “wind chill” of -10° why wouldn’t the thermometer read -10°? Because the wind effect only stresses LIVING things. Conversely on a Summer day, like today, if it is 97° with a “heat index’ of 105° why would the thermometer only read 97°. Because the combo of heat/humidity only effects LIVING things.

A good reader question, and quite topical for this day. And then again tomorrow with another forecast heat index of 105°.



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