Hi Everyone!

Well some clouds did dim sun yesterday afternoon but, WOW, how nice were those temps through the day? (Those clouds btw were spill over from a front stalling just offshore. It is the reason for some clouds this AM too.) And my headline as we start his last Wednesday of July will, again, be the temps.

Even with sun returning after some morning overcast we will see temps max out at 81°. And the beat goes on with these gentle temps remaining into next week.

We are still looking for rain Friday, which now may linger into Saturday. But the temps will be the attention getter with a daytime high of just 78° on Saturday. Let’s talk about that rain real quick.

This will be caused by a rather vigorous area of low pressure which now has rain in our forecast Friday, especially Friday P.M., and lingering on into Saturday early. There could be heavy pockets of rain during that period of time. As for severe thunderstorms, not really in the outlook, but cannot be ignored either. We will run point on that for ya.

In the meantime enjoy some 81°, and all the comfort that comes with it!



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