John Breech from joins The Norris & Long Show to discuss Colin Kaepernick and the team’s chances in the AFC North.

Ravens fans are very divided by the scenario. However, it seems the Ravens locker room is in favor of the move.

Breech says, “It was a lot of Ravens defensive players that said, ‘hey, let’s bring in Colin Kaepernick,’ which to me is kind of telling. They’ve seen Ryan Mallet in practice the last few days, and like you said, a back injury is fickle…you don’t want that thing to flare up. I think this is the defensive players saying, ‘Colin Kaepernick is our best shot at winning right now until we know Joe Flacco is completely healthy. Why don’t we just bring him in here so we don’t throw the 2017 season in the trash can.”

But still, Ravens fans are up in arms saying they’ll give up their season tickets if Kaepernick comes to Baltimore.

Breech continued to say, “the controversy is mind blowing. I understand why people are upset, but he’s not Greg Hardy, he’s not Ray Rice, he didn’t hit someone, it’s a guy who stood for his belief. And honestly, that’s something that people should support. It does blow my mind…I absolutely think Kaepernick is one of the 30 best quarterbacks in the NFL.”

Outside of the quarterback situation, do the Ravens have a chance in the AFC North? Breech said, unfortunately, it does come down to the quarterback position. “I think it all boils down to the quarterback situation. That’s what it comes down to for Baltimore. You’ve got to have a quarterback. You’re going to need to get 10, maybe even 11 wins to win this division, and unless you absolutely know what’s going on with your quarterback and unless Flacco is 100% healthy. The Kaepernick thing kind of ties everything together until we know Joe Flacco’s healthy,” predicts Breech.

Tune in to hear more from the conversation.



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