Scott and Jeremy address the massive amounts of fan reactions they’ve received in response to the Ravens considering Kaepernick.

Joe Flacco commented. Terrell Suggs has commented. Steve Biscotti has been “praying” and still…fans are divided.

Conn says, “I haven’t walked a mile in that guys shoes, I don’t see things through his eyes…you can feel however you want to feel about a situation and that doesn’t make you right. Whether you like what he did or not, everybody talked about it.”

We also hear from Ken Weinman as he discusses Colin Kaepernick. “My only issue with Colin Kaepernick is can he play? His numbers were good last year. Kaepernick, last year, strictly from a football stand point, is a much better quarterback than Ryan Mallett. Colin Kaepernick is better than Ryan Mallett. The interesting thing is how this story about what he did last year spun out of control.”

Weinman continued, “I’m just wondering where the ‘moral compass’ is. You’re okay with a guy punching his fiance in the face…but a guy who peacefully protests police brutality, that’s the line? Were you okay when they signed Donté Stallworth? Kaepernick has nothing to apologize for. You might not like him personally, but he has nothing to apologize for. Who cares if he stands for the anthem?”

What do you think?

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