Hi Everyone!

It has been a tough run, at times, of weather here. The pop up storms we have been dealing with have been more intense than any stretch, like this, in recent memory. Yesterday morning, in the forecast, we had just a mention of a “pop-up’. By Noon that became a “marginal risk”  by late afternoon that became a BIG problem. Will that happen again today? Good question. We have another outlook with a “mention of” some scattered thunderstorms. But tonight’s forecast has that wording. This morning the Strom Prediction Center has us in a “marginal risk” category for a beefy thunderstorm or two. Further out I-70 it becomes a “slight” risk. As a cold front cutting across the Mid-Atlantic moves into our neighborhoods. We will watch this for you.

But as I mentioned yesterday the weather headline that will get your attention is the clearing, lower humidity, and mild temps that will define the weekend behind that front. You may wake up early tomorrow morning to clouds and a shower. But that will quickly change as we move toward Noon. Sunday is a slam dunk good day!

It’s’ the first weekend of August, and a month from Labor Day. Every weekend day REALLY counts now, and two good ones lay ahead!  ENJOY!

T.G.I.F.,…ain’t it the truth!



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