Hi Everyone!

This is going to be, as discussed yesterday, a FINE day. Every day I send a note to the producer of “Eyewitness News at Noon” outlining the day’s weather so that all involved, in the broadcast, are on the same page. This is the e mail I sent today…(I use bullet points):

*This will be a beautiful day.
*This will be a simply beautiful day
*Don’t overthink this one.

Now if the rest of the forecast, as we discussed yesterday, were as simple. We are still looking at disturbed weather Fri/Sat/Sun. What I really want to do in today’s blog is to push a detailed weekend discussion off until tomorrow. Let’s get one more day of computer modeling before we really sit down and have a DETAILED look at the x’s, and o’s, of that forecast. To be blunt, there are too many timing issues for showers, frequency of possible rain, and amount of sun, (if any), to give you, (in my mind), a good bases for making plans.

To be very honest I have some serious weekend plans myself. And they are on hold until tomorrow when I can see enough info to make a decision about those plans that were made over a month ago. You see not only do I report this stuff, but I live it like you do too.

Let’s not overthink it today. Live the moment and just enjoy.



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