By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s removal of confederate monuments this month leaves questions, and the mayor is attempting to answer them.

While other cities debated on what to do about their confederate statues, Mayor Catherine Pugh acted.

“There’s enough grandstanding, enough speeches being made,” she said. “Get it done.”

But the under-cover-of-night operation drew reaction both bitter and sweet.

“We don’t go in the library and tear up books and photographs just because we disagree with their view,” one person told WJZ.

“Now it’s time for a new symbol, to find something better, to find out inner angels,” another said.

Mayor Pugh said Thursday it cost the city less than $20,000 to remove the statues. What to do with them now remains a question.

“We’ve got several issues to address, including where they ultimately will end up,” Pugh says. “They city has gotten several inquiries in terms of wanting the statues. Got a call from a lady who wants to buy them, I haven’t responded back to her. I’m turning that over to the committee.”

While the committee deliberates, it will also consider what to do with the remaining pedestals bearing tribute to the confederacy.

“Because that to, to me, is part of it,” according to Pugh. So year, we’re looking at how the bases are repurposed as well.”

There will also be public input as the future of the statues, which are now sitting under tarps, is determined.

No official time frame has been set for a decision. The Baltimore Office of Promotion and Art is now collecting ideas online. To submit an idea, CLICK HERE.

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