The big story this week will be the track and movement of Hurricane Irma, now some 750 miles east of the Windward Islands.

Winds are currently at around 115 mph, making it a cat 3 storm. It is tracking west at around 12 to 15 mph.

Hurricane watches will be in effect across the Windward Islands by Tuesday.

The storm is expected to get stronger and be a cat 4 by the time it may approach the Eastern Bahamas, sometime later this week, or the start of the weekend. It is still unclear as the final path that the storm will take, and may approach the east coast of the United States by Sunday or Monday, or may move out to sea.

It is too early to predict the final moments, so please stay tuned all week, as we continue to receive updates, and new data so that we can better predict exactly where the storm will end up.

Have a nice Labor Day, as it will end up sunny and warmer with a high in the low 80’s!

Bob Turk


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