Hi Everyone!

Such a difference between our weather in the Mid-Atlantic, and what is happening in the Leeward Islands, and what might happen in South Florida, and the Florida Keys. It’s a hard transition for Bob, Tim, Meg, and myself. Tough to go from, “Our weather will be beautiful and PERFECT this weekend,” to,  “a Cat 4 hurricane so large the state of Florida would fit in it is bearing down on the United States.” Indeed, though, this is the reality of this morning.

Today it will be gray, damp, and cool. Once high pressure builds in, later tonight, our skies will clear and we begin a 5 day run of almost perfect Spring weather this late Summer. Daytime highs will be in the low to mid 70’s tomorrow, and Friday. Then the low 70’s through the weekend, and into next week. And that forecast appears to be on very solid ground. That means both forecasts, here and down South.

Enjoy but don’t lose the humanity of what lay ahead for millions of our friends, families, and countrymen.

As I said, “a hard transition.”



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