Hi Everyone!

Finally some rain! I know we only got 1/2 of the weekend “in”, and yesterday was, (as Kris Kristofferson wrote), “near as faded as my jeans..” , but we need this rain.

As a boater I can tell you the Bay is so salty right now we are seeing jellyfish, not just Sea Nettles, but Jellyfish as far North as the Key bridge. Big ones. An infusion of fresh water, rain, will flush the Chesapeake. That is an action that happens many, many, times during the year. It is a major part of the dynamic that keeps the Bay alive, and refreshed.

We are not looking for flooding rain locally, nor damaging winds. Western Maryland may get 3+ inches of rain today, locally around the Metro we will see 1+ inches of rain. The “storm”, the remnants of Nate, are actually speeding up and it is not impossible that by sunset the sky begins to brighten. South and West some clearing may, actually, happen.

Behind this weather the forecast will remain generally sunny, and mild, if not warm. Fall like? Not really, day, or night. But this moisture will enhance the change that will really usher in the new season,….big time.



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