Neighborhood Resources For Crime

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City Service Requests (311)

Local number: 443-263-2220 OR download the app for iPHONE or for ANDROID.

Baltimore City Community Action Partnership Centers

The mission of the Baltimore City Community Action Partnership is to reduce poverty by offering opportunities for low-income households through education, financial empowerment, housing and energy services, food resources and capacity building.

Baltimore Community Mediation Center

Baltimore Community Mediation Center offers services and programming to support dialogue and give voice to everyone. Residents, leaders, and police need space to listen and hear each other in order to build deeper understanding and to create lasting change.
B’More Beautiful

BMORE Beautiful is a City-led, peer to peer beautification program. The goal of the program is to not only change behaviors and attitudes towards the beautification of the City, but to also encourage residents, businesses and organizations to become directly involved in activities and projects that will keep their neighborhoods clean.

Baltimore Division of Green, Healthy and Sustainable Homes Resources

The Division of Green, Healthy and Sustainable Homes assists Baltimore families through a wide range of housing programs and services.

Baltimore Ceasfire

Baltimore Ceasefire is a grassroots movement with the goal of stopping violence in the city.

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