Bracket of Champions Games

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Imagine a world where college basketball champions could battle each other in a tournament to end all tournaments!  What if the 1960 Ohio State team could battle the 1971 UCLA team or the 2016 Villanova team could battle the 2002 Maryland team…well imagine no more because it is here.  Introducing 105.7 The Fan’s Bracket of Champions, where you get to decided  who should be named the Champion of Champions!

We have randomly chosen past College Basketball Champions and are pitting them against each other in “games”.  Each Monday through Friday we will post these games below and allow you to vote on who you think would win that game.  The team with the most votes at 5pm each day will advance to the next round and we will repeat this process till the ultimate Champion is crowned.

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You are allowed to vote only once in each game:
Round one will consist of a total of 16 games from March 20 to March 23rd (4 games per day)
Round two will consist of a total of 8 games – 4 on March 24 and 4 on March 27
Round three will consist of 4 games from March 28 to March 29 (2 games per day)
Round four will consist of 2 games on March 30
Round five will consist of 1 game on March 31

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The final match up will be:
2002 Maryland Team vs. 1982 North Carolina Team

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