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Mark Viviano: First Place Ravens

Notes and observations from my vantage point in the press box and the locker room after the Ravens’ 31-24 win over Bengals.


Mark Viviano

Mark Viviano: OMG The NFL Is Complicated!

Sports and politics are similar arenas in American culture: no matter who’s performing in either arena, there are loud skeptics and critics who will boldly proclaim how that performer could or should improve (or be fired). Politics has pundits, sports has analysts.


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Mark Viviano: The NFL Is Weak-To-Weak

You can’t believe the Ravens lost to the lowly Seattle Seahawks and I can’t blame you for being stunned.


Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

Mark Viviano: I’ll Say It Again — Super Bowl Ravens

I was swayed after the win over the Jets in week 4 and I’m only further convinced after the comeback victory in Pittsburgh in week 9 that the Ravens are paving a road to the Super Bowl- and there’s no one in the AFC to stop them, except the Ravens themselves.


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Mark Viviano: Black And Yellow Is Black And Blue

Injuries are part of life in the NFL. Every team has front-line players who are incapacitated and/or limited in their contributions and the list of wounded grows week to week in a long, brutal season. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ injury scenario is a bad one for this week, which means it’s good for the Ravens who play at Pittsburgh Sunday night.


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Mark Viviano: Triumph Or Trouble

In the aftermath of a 21-point comeback win over lowly Arizona, it’s fair to ask of the Ravens: how did they get in the position of trailing a bad team by 3 touchdowns on your home field?


Mark Viviano

BLOG: A Visit With Art Modell

“It’s been tough. A long day. I will rest later,” Art Modell said at his home Monday night. Art and his family welcomed friends in an evening reception following the funeral of Pat Breslin Modelll- Art’s wife of 42 years who passed away at the age of 80 after battling a lengthy illness.


Mark Viviano - Host of the Mark Viviano Show on 105.7 The FAN

BLOG: Ravens On Healthy Path To Super Bowl

The 16-game NFL regular season is a battle of attrition. Rosters are made, broken down and re-made all season long because of injuries. Football is a collision sport and its nature makes the attrition aspect of the competition inevitable.


Mark Viviano

BLOG: Not Good Enough

The final night of the 2011 MLB regular season was one of the most incredible in the game’s history. It capped a September of comeback and collapse that saw Boston ushered out and the amazing Tampa Bay Rays ushered into the post-season.


Mark Viviano

BLOG: Showalter’s Fix It Plan

In his second-last pre-game meeting with the media this season, O’s manager Buck Showalter- when asked about changes for next season- said he is “confident we will be relentless in improving our chances.” He also added a plan to hold “mini-camps” in Sarasota for all players, not just pitchers (allowing that rules within the players’ union protects them from mandatory attendance).


Mark Viviano

BLOG: Super Ravens?

Three games is but a portion of a 16-game NFL regular season but so far the signs are super (as in Super Bowl) for the Ravens. Baltimore was in the championship conversation before the season kicked off and they’ve nothing but bolster that notion so far.



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