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On Time: July 19, 2015

Marcus Washington spoke with Sujan Shrestha, Jay Steinmetz and Robert Imhoff and Carolyn Candiello.


On Time: July 12, 2015

Marcus Washington spoke with Marceline White, Kathy Hornig and Devin Mack and Casey Baynes.


On Time: July 5, 2015

Linh Bui spoke with Cassie Motz and Natasha Blake, Shawn Burnett and Bishop James Winslow, Jr., and Kyle Ean Haggerty and K’Von “KOOL” McKenney.


On Time: June 28, 2015

Marcus Washington spoke with Patti Crossman and Gwen Briley-Strand, Jessica Baldwin and Tiffany Lymon and Stefanie Shurer.


On Time: June 21, 2015

Marcus Washington spoke with Diana Morris, Patti Smith, Steve Pompion and Colleen Campbell.