Study: Moderate, Heavy Drinkers More Likely To Reach Age 85 Without Dementia Moderate to heavy alcohol drinkers are more likely to reach age an older age without dementia, compared to nondrinkers, according to a new study.
With Beach Fitness Class, 'Pay Your Dues Before You Booze'A Dewey Beach fitness club is getting in on a trend seen around the fitness world, bringing fitness activities outdoors.
Bacon, Soda & Too Few Nuts Tied To Big Portion Of US DeathsGorging on bacon, skimping on nuts? These are among food habits that new research links with deaths from heart disease, strokes and diabetes.
'This Generation's Tobacco Product': New Ad Campaign Challenges Sugary DrinksHoward County is using new ads featuring area teenagers to help stop the consumption of sugary drinks and challenge the industry's advertising.
Many Smartphone Health Apps Don't Flag Danger, Says ReviewDon't count on smartphone health apps in an emergency: A review shows many don't warn when you're in danger.
One-fourth Of US Cancer Deaths Linked With 1 Thing: SmokingCigarettes contribute to more than 1 in 4 cancer deaths in the U.S. The rate is highest among men in Southern states where smoking is more common and the rules against it are not as strict.
Homegrown Zika Raises More Questions About The Evolving RiskHomegrown mosquitoes have infected more than a dozen people with Zika in a small area of Miami.
Would Teens Be Slimmer If Katy Perry Hawked Kale & Quinoa?Would U.S. teens be any slimmer if Katy Perry hawked kale and quinoa?

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