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Freddie Gray

Funeral For Freddie Gray Set For Monday

Freddie Gray will be laid to rest on Monday at a private funeral service in Baltimore.


Skull Recon

Investigators Hope New Drawing Could Help ID Remains

Frederick County Sheriff’s deputies are hoping the public can help them identify the remains of a man found 25 years ago.


murdersuicide Canton

2 Killed In Canton Shooting Were Shock Trauma Nurses

Baltimore city police have identified the two people killed in a double shooting in a popular Canton shopping center Wednesday.


free range parents, meitiv

Free-Range Parenting: Teaching Independence, Or Child Neglect?

Two Maryland parents are in the fight of their lives, trying to raise their children the way they want. The government claims what they’re doing is dangerous—but is it?


Warren Weinstein

Md. Man Among Al-Qaeda Hostages Killed In Drone Attack

A Maryland man is one of two hostages accidentally killed in a U.S. drone strike near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Now the government is under fire.



Police Make Arrests; Protests Continue Over Freddie Gray’s Death

The march gets more emotional and the police presence gets bigger, as demonstrations continue over Freddie Gray’s controversial death.


canton shooting

Man, Woman Killed In Canton Shooting

City police are investigating a double shooting in Canton on Thursday afternoon.



3 Voices Fighting For Justice In Freddie Gray Investigation

Three voices in the Freddie Gray investigation searching for justice.


Credit: The Tampa Bay Times/ZumaPress

Lawmaker: Gyrocopter Pilot Flew 30 Miles In Restricted Space

The chairman of the House oversight committee says a Florida postal carrier steered his small gyrocopter through protected Washington airspace for 30 miles to the U.S. Capitol without being stopped.


Freddie Gray

Police May Have Ignored Seatbelt Policy With Freddie Gray

Protests continue over the death of Freddie Gray, as several investigations are underway into exactly when and how he suffered a severed spinal column.